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How to get great Tripadvisor reviews for your holiday park

Tripadvisor reviews are essential for any holiday park business, but it can be hard work to encourage guests to share their experiences. In this article, we’ll discuss why reviews are vital for every holiday park, as well as some guaranteed tips to get them from your guests.

Holiday parks rely on great Tripadvisor reviews

Online reviews have become essential for influencing customer behaviour, from which restaurants people eat in, to where they book their holidays. The more Tripadvisor reviews your holiday park has, the more guests are likely to book with you. Recent research reports that Tripadvisor makes over 85% of people more confident in their booking decisions. Online reviews are vital for successful holiday park operations; increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and direct bookings. The great news is that customers love to share their holiday experiences, you just need to make it easy and simple for them to do so.

Guest reviews are important to increase your brand engagement too, creating a loyal customer base who then act as brand ambassadors for your holiday park experience. This helps create essential ‘social proof’ for your holiday park, increasing guest bookings due to others posting about their experiences.

How can you encourage more Tripadvisor reviews for your holiday park?

Making it easy, as well as driving home how much you value guest opinions are essential to generating more and better quality Tripadvisor reviews. Here are some great ways to up your review counts, supercharging your brand awareness and helping future bookings.

Ask your guests what they really thought about their recent stay

It might sound obvious, but actually asking for customer feedback on their recent visit to your holiday park will generate essential feedback. It’s not enough to assume guests will leave a review, after all, people are busy. Instead, use your social accounts on Facebook or Instagram to reach out to your customer base by specifically asking them to share their opinions on Tripadvsior. Include direct links and even highlight recent great reviews, demonstrating how valuable they are.

In your holiday park, consistently ask for feedback and highlight the importance you place on hearing customer opinion. Creating a continuous feedback loop is essential to improving your guest offerings, but it also demonstrates to the guest that you take their experience seriously- making it much more likely they’ll leave you a review when you ask. Great guest reviews are an important marketing tool, so take asking for them seriously.

Harness the power of guest WiFi to generate reviews

Guest WiFi isn’t only a ‘nice extra’ to offer your guests, it’s also a powerful business tool to increase engagement. Offering your holiday park customers free guest WiFi is also a great way to increase your Tripadvisor reviews. Guest WiFi is considered an essential amenity for guests, but it also makes it much easier for customers to leave a review on Tripadvisor before they’ve even left your holiday park. When customers log-in to your free guest WiFi, capture their email address and phone number. You can then use this to run a ‘review request’ follow-up campaign after their visit. Another great way to use guest WiFi is to signpost your guests to a review page directly, or use a welcome message to ask your holiday park guests to leave a review after they’ve checked out. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for your guests.

Target your holiday park guests with behavioural email marketing

Email can often be overlooked in modern marketing, with brands focusing on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. But email is a really powerful tool, allowing you to communicate directly with your guests with strong calls to action. Boosting this power with behavioural email marketing is even more effective; allowing you to send targeted emails to guests based on their specific and individual interactions. Segmenting email data captured from guest WiFi, contact forms or booking data will allow you to stream your customer contacts. You’ll then be able to send them personalised emails specifically asking them to leave a review.

Email makes it easy to personalise the communication with the date they visited, populate it with experiences they booked, as well as highlight how valued their honest review is. Even better, you can make it extra easy for them by including a link to Tripadvisor. Sending targeted emails is incredibly effective, helping to increase levels of brand loyalty and customer engagement too.

Make it easy for your holiday park guests

Honest, quality reviews are important for every holiday park; increasing brand awareness and helping to drive direct bookings. Don’t pressure your guests for positive reviews though. You need to keep your holiday park review requests open and honest, consistently highlighting how much you value guest opinion. The result? More Tripadvisor reviews, but also better levels of loyalty and engagement, essential for the future success of any holiday park.



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