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The future of hospitality is something unknown, but we can always make predictions in order to plan ahead. Catering for millennials is the next trend we’ve predicted! Find out how to do so, today…

The hospitality industry faces change around every corner. Whether it be Brexit increasing the projected hospitality visitors within the UK, or social media changing people’s expectations, it’s a minefield!

At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, our aim is to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends within the field. That’s why, this week, we’ll be discussing the effects that the millennial generation, or Generation Y, are having on the industry.

So, who exactly are the millennials, and why should the holiday park and resort industry pay attention to them? Get your FREE ticket to the show to discover how you can cater for this technologically-savvy generation. For now, let’s take a look at what makes them tick…

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Millennials Characteristics: Who Are They?

Although generations can be difficult to categorise, it’s commonly thought that the millennial generation encompasses the dates 1981 to 1996. That places all millennials between the ages of 23 and 38.

That said, it’s often thought that this generation may also need to take some drifters under their wings too! This being all those over the age of 19, born before 2000, who also identify as millennials. It’s certainly a large demographic, but there are a number of characteristics of this generation which tie them all together.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, millennials have very different habits to their predecessors, Generation X. Instead, millennials are known to travel for a range of reasons; for exploration and education. Their sense of adventure means they rarely return to the same place.

What’s more, the nature of their travel has also adapted, compared to Gen X. With most millennial homes raking in a double income, they often have more disposable income than their parents. This means they look for ultimate pleasure and satisfaction from their holiday choices, whilst always keeping budget in mind.

In many cases, millennials are entering senior positions within their work life. This means they’ll now be seeking accommodation for them to mix pleasure and comfort, with business! Overall, they want a personal experience, that will make them feel special.

Catering to Millenials: Why is This so Important?

Millennials make up almost 50 percent of the hospitality and travel industry, and this number is constantly increasing (read the stats here)! So, almost half of your customers are included within a generation that embraces constant change. But what do they bring to the hospitality industry?

Well, millennials are savvy; they want better value for money, but also expect premium services. Essentially, they’re looking for luxury on a budget.

With millennials, high customer service isn’t an exceptional feat, it’s a necessity. This has changed the face of the hospitality industry, meaning training is needed to keep staff in check, and to maintain quality standards.

What’s more, millennials are completely different to Gen X, who are consistently loyal to their favourite brands. Instead, they have an “adopt and drop” mentality. Yes they’re willing to try new things, but they’re also willing to drop these when newer, more exciting products and services come along.

This is why staying on top of the demand is key to keeping millennials interested. By recognising and responding to these high demands, your company will gain a stronger foothold on the hospitality industry, and your customers.

How to Cater for Millennials in Hospitality

Millennials expect a lot. Everything that was once deemed exceptional, including customer service and the like, is now deemed normal. So, to keep up, holiday parks and resorts must ensure their offerings are unique and interesting. But how?

Here’s a little checklist of points to remember when keeping millennials in mind, if you want to have them come back for more:

  • Exceptional guest service is now expected, so ensure all your staff are qualified and trained to work within the industry. This includes providing an intuitive concierge, who can get on your level, and predict your needs.
  • Provide free access to unlimited, high-speed internet.
  • Make the customer aware of offerings within the local area, including the trendiest bars and restaurants.
  • Entertainment must be easy to access.
  • Allow the customer to access instant information, at the click of a button, including weather and news.
  • A focus on health and wellness is sometimes preferred. This could come through food, or relaxation outlets, like spas, fitness and yoga classes, and even wellness programmes.
  • 55 percent of travellers are now choosing sustainable accommodation above others, so a focus on sustainability is now the key! Think plastic-free initiatives, energy preservation, and water-usage monitoring, and you’ll be on a roll (read the stats here).
  • Get involved in pet-friendly options, like pet hotels, especially with Brexit on the way.
  • Social media interaction is also important. This can be done through providing an accessible online presence, that can be interacted with on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Providing a specialised app service for your hospitality offering also adds that personal touch.

At the end of the day, millennials are looking for an emotional connection with the brands they interact with. To do this, you want to delight them, not just satisfy them.

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Can you Keep up With the Future of Hospitality?

Want to stay ahead of the game, to help you draw this key demographic to your holiday park or resort? Our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show provides everything you’ll need to make steps towards this goal.

Not only will we be providing a range of fantastic exhibitors, showcasing their innovative products and services to draw in Gen Y, our speakers will also inspire you. For example, our keynote, John Newbury from Ramtech Electronics, will be discussing what holiday parks will look like in 2024.

This should open your eyes up to what you can expect, including technological innovations, competitive threats, and changing demands. Hear all about the revolutionary solutions you can use to provide a tailored experience for every visitor that walks through your doors. Get your FREE ticket to the exhibition, and become enlightened!

Want to learn more about how you can get the millennial demographic engaged in your hospitality offerings? Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on using social media within the industry. We’ll see you there!


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