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Twitter hasn’t had the greatest couple of years, as it struggled to increase its user base and got caught up in the rumours of US election fixing – with thousands of Twitter bots auto tweeting campaign messages.

Although the extra attention that Donald Trump has brought to the world of Twitter hasn’t had a massive impact on Twitter user numbers, there is still a lot to like about this popular micro-blogging platform.

Twitter still has a hard-core set of users and they remain loyal to the platform. Although it may not have the reach potential of other social media tools, it does provide some significant advantages – most notably its open and public nature.

When content is shared on Twitter it is generally available for all to see, which is why consumers generally use Twitter to communicate with brands or highlight their experiences (good or bad). On Facebook, only your friends see your posts, so if you have a complaint you are probably better posting on Twitter – for all the world to see. For most holiday parks, Twitter is generally the social platform of choice for customer-related queries.

And that provides some key opportunities for brands – here are some tips to help maximise your use of Twitter in 2019.

Top Tips for using Twitter in 2019

  • Twitter also has an algorithm but unlike Facebook it is very basic. Engaging more often with responses to your tweets and mentions – boosts your exposure and reach. So if you Like a tweet, there’s a higher chance it gets shown to more users.
  • Twitter users are more engaged, more often, which is a big endorsement of their algorithm-driven approach.
  • Tweet character length is now 280 – now that the initial backlash seems to have died down, Twitter’s data has shown that the extended tweets have actually lead to more engagement. Here’s your chance to put those extra characters to good use.
  • Use Twitter Threads – earlier on in the year Twitter introduced a “Threads” feature, essentially a simply way to string together a series of tweets on a given topic. Threads provide a new way to offer more detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, more in-depth messages with added context. And because the tweets are linked, it also makes it easier for users to understand, without seeing a single part of the wider message appear in their stream.
  • As with pretty much all of the social platforms, video is the best performing post type on Twitter. If your park is not using video, or considering how you could possibly incorporate video into your Twitter strategy, you could be overlooking a key opportunity.

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