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While other social platforms get more attention, LinkedIn has slowly been developing its marketing options having recently been acquired by Microsoft. The backing of this major software house has enabled a range of integrations and data tools to help marketers with their campaigns.

Over the last twelve months, LinkedIn has been making some serious moves. They’ve added video for all personal accounts, they’re testing geo-filters for videos and they have made lots of extreme updates to their messaging platform.

The platform has also increased its user base – rising to 530 million total members.

It is worth taking note of these as you go about planning your new year strategy – particularly as more social managers look to diversify their traffic sources in the face of Facebook’s algorithm shifts.

Unlike the other social platforms most parks use, LinkedIn is a business platform, which means that the value of the users is higher for those companies looking to connect and engage with users who are over 35 years old and working for larger businesses.

Top Tips for using LinkedIn in 2019

  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn as a platform, isn’t about reaching consumers. It’s about networking with those in your industry. This is of course, important: when it comes to incorporating LinkedIn into your content marketing plan. It is fundamentally different than any other social network.
  • You now have up to 1,300 characters available to you on a personal LinkedIn post, so here’s your opportunity to get creative and write more. And it looks like LinkedIn rewards long-form content too – it has be shown that long-form updates receive 10 times more visibility than a short post or link to an article.
  •  Like other social platforms, every time you publish a post on LinkedIn the algorithm determines whether your content shows up in the feed and how far of an audience it reaches. Be careful with links in your content so as not to take a reader away from LinkedIn too soon, the LinkedIn algorithm wants to keep people on LinkedIn for as long as possible.By not including a link that would take users away from the platform, your content is more likely to be shown in your followers’ feeds.
  • Tag people – one you have created your LinkedIn post it’s time to tag people!When you tag someone in a LinkedIn post, their connections and people who follow them will also see that content. Once a few people engage with the post it’s also seen by those people’s followers and connections.
  • Use Hashtags – LinkedIn users can follow a hashtag to get content on that topic in their feed even if they don’t follow specific influencers for that topic. When you post to LinkedInYou may have noticed LinkedIn now auto-suggests hashtags when you post an update. You can chose those hashtags from the suggestions or choose your own. If you’re unsure which version of a hashtag to include, do a quick search for that topic in LinkedIn and you’ll be able to see the number of followers on that hashtag.
  • Leverage your staff  to boost your content. If you don’t already have a strong park presence on LinkedIn, choose someone to become your face on the platform and work to build them up.If you want to reach even more people, then you also need people to engage with (comment, like share, watch) these posts, ideally within the first 48 hours. Leverage your internal teams for this, but keep your requests reasonable.Why not take one  of your posts per week that you want to amplify and ask that the whole company engage with it. This will take your staff less than 5 minutes to do and you should see significant increase in reach to your posts.

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