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One of the biggest opportunities that social media has provided to businesses is the ability to have conversations directly with customers, this of course, also brings its challenges; for example 42% of customers who complain over social media expect a response within an hour – and how your business deals with these complaints can have a huge impact on wider public perception…



However, starting off on the right foot when looking to create and build a great experience for your customers can be achieved through using social media channels to build a relationship.

We all use social media to research information, to connect to like-minded people and influencers and to communicate – with friends, colleagues and businesses. Businesses spend significant amounts of money looking to market via social media – in the form of Facebook ads, content and influencer marketing or Instagram pages (as three examples).

But  the opportunity for you to start a direct one to one conversation with a customer using social media – before and specifically after – they book, can provide immediate confidence and reassurance in your park which can build to trust and loyalty in your brand (a priceless commodity).

So, how can you make this happen? What should your first move be?

Here are just a few ideas.

Once a customer has made a booking the content of your confirmation email can start to inform the customer of the type of business you are. In addition to basic booking details and standard social media icons ‘Follow us’ etc. (I always ask ‘I’m not following you yet – you haven’t done anything to deserve that) – why not look at providing information on;

  • Discount offers.
  • Notifying the customer that they can drop you a line directly through social.
  • Local attractions and events
  • ‘Feel free to ask’
  • Include staff names and social media handles for enquires.

2)      Why not look to follow the customer once they’ve made a booking? This does not take a lot of time nor requires a lot of effort. See if they connect back then simply say hello and thank you for booking your holiday with us. You’ll be amazed at the engagement this can have.

3)      Ahead of the stay – contact the customer and ask if they have any questions, any concerns or special requests before their stay.

4)      Once the relationship has been established – and you have started to understand their needs and requirements – why not link them into local events, restaurants, facilities – including all your own park services.

5)      Start providing up-sell options for the customer – would they like a food basket on arrival, early check-in, meal booked for their first night?

6)      Post general images of the park, in-stay customers and staff – put this out on general social media channels – show real people having real experiences.

7)      A short-time before the customer arrives, re-connect via a direct message. Send a weather report (as long as its sunny!), travel news, discount vouchers etc. Ask estimated time of arrival and reconfirm any agreed requirements or needs.

There are obviously many more angles you can take in starting and continuing conversations with customers – but all are focused on creating a level of trust and conversation.

In an age of fake news, false promises and questions of authenticity, by simply using social media to deliver good ‘old-fashioned’ customer service through which your park personality can shine through – customers trust is gained and loyalty built.


Dave McRobbie

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