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Park owners throughout the UK & Ireland are saving valuable time and money by automating their day-to-day tasks with CampManager. Introducing an automation system minimises your workload by eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks. With CampManager, automating your daily operations can be surprisingly easy and can reap major benefits such as savings in time and effort, cost reductions, higher productivity and greater reliability and performance. Streamlining processes leads to increased operational efficiency, allowing focus to be devoted to higher level activities.

5 key areas where automating daily tasks can save you valuable time and effort

  1. Automated Booking Process
    With CampManger, many areas throughout the booking process can be automated. When making a booking, CampManager will not only display availability and costs for the selected type of accommodation or stay, but will also show alternative dates, accommodation types and costs. This allows staff to provide customers with a choice – all from one screen. Any extras related to the site booking, such as bringing an additional car, will automatically show for selection. If bookings are changed or updated CampManager automatically calculates the new cost.Bookings are automatically optimised by placing them on a back-to-back basis. Automated pitch allocation ensures that the most suitable pitches are booked based on the customers’ requirements. This improves occupancy rates, maximises revenues and reduces wasted nights.The process of adding customer details to a booking is simplified with features such as postcode lookup. CampManager automatically checks the details against the customer database, pre-populating the contact details if the guest has stayed previously and also flagging up if the customer has been blacklisted. Click here to read more about CampManager’s online booking solution
  2. Automated Emails & SMS
    One of CampManager’s highlights is the automated email and SMS feature. Once a booking has been processed, instant booking confirmation can be automatically emailed or text to the customer. Automated communication can be sent prior to the customer’s arrival providing information such as travel advice on getting to the park, a site map and even the menu for the onsite restaurant. After departure, automated emails or SMS can aid the park to easily keep in touch with customers; for example, requesting customers to leave feedback on their stay. This automation speeds up the communication process with the customer and provides the park with the ability to easily send relevant and timely information to the customer. Click here to read more about CampManager’s automated email solution
  3. Automated Batch Invoicing & Admin
    CampManager makes it possible for parks to save hours off their invoicing processes by automating the time-consuming admin and billing tasks. Creating multiple invoices for gas, electric and site fees is painless with CampManager’s batch invoicing; allowing parks to produce duplicate invoices with one click. CampManager automatically sends emails and balance payment reminders with a link that allow customers to pay their site fees online via the park’s website, eliminating the need for customers to contact the park to pay and removing the hassle and time spent chasing overdue payments. Cash flow is improved as the time lag waiting for invoices to be posted out is removed. Emailing invoices rather than posting them also significantly reduces the amount of paper wasted during the process and saves on postage costs. Streamlining the invoice process not only saves time and money but also gives confidence that the billing is accurate and up to date.CampManager’s interactive and colour coded site map allows staff to easily monitor activity on their park, seeing at a glance which units have overdue and pending balances, highlighting the overdue payments to staff so they don’t slip the net. As CampManager is a web-based system, park owners and staff can access the software from any location, on any device with internet access meaning that managing your caravan park or campsite has never been easier. Click here to read more about CampManager’s Park Management solution
  4. Automated OTA Channel ManagementMany parks are utilising Channel Management to increase their exposure and maximise potential booking opportunities by linking in directly with many popular Online Travel Agents (OTAs), such as, AirBnb,, Pitchup, and more. This provides a challenge for park owners as each time a booking is made on one of these OTAs they have to make sure that the availability is updated accordingly on all of their booking sites to reduce the risk of overbooking. CampManager eliminates this challenge by integrating with OTAs directly, synchronising availability across these channels automatically. The moment a booking is received via an OTA, CampManager imports the booking and updates availability. Similarly, when you enter a booking into CampManager, allocation will be updated automatically across the OTAs. CampManager does the work for you, saving you time, keeping your booking calendar up to date and removing the risk of human error and double bookings. Click here to read more about CampManager’s OTA Channel Management solution
  5. Automated Barrier Code Generation
    CampManager can integrate with various barrier software providers, allowing parks to provide their customers with a unique barrier access code at the time of booking that will automatically activate on the day of arrival and deactivate on day of departure. Using vehicle ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), the check in process in not only shortened but security at the park is also enhanced, ensuring unauthorised access is not permitted outside of a customer’s stay.

Automation is an extremely valuable tool that brings endless benefits. By automating time consuming tasks with CampManager you can achieve new levels of efficiency. To learn more on how CampManager can assist with automating your park operations call 02081 331 005 or email



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