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New website, launched in April of this year, has received major press coverage in the five months since its launch.

Unveiled at the start of April 2018, Glampingly, created by the award-winning team behind Cool Camping, features over 800 different properties and focuses solely on high-end glamping accommodation.

Already to date, has featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The I, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Star, The Sun and The Observer, along with well known magazines such as Stylist and Closer.

“It’s been an excellent year for press coverage across the industry”, Glampingly founder Jonathan Knight told Park Speak. “Good weather and a growth in ‘staycations’ has increased the interest of journalists and publishers, while the launch of our new website has helped shed light on a host of brand new glamping properties in the UK and France.”

Big winners from the early press coverage have been the unique and more unusual glamping sites in the Glampingly collection. A floating cabin that sits on a lake in Pembrokeshire has been billed as one of the UK’s best glamping sites in multiple newspapers, while suspended, dome-shaped treehouses in Wales and a converted helicopter in Sussex have also featured heavily.

“The national press have recognised that is the perfect place to find new accommodation and bespoke glamping properties,” marketing manager James Warner Smith observed. “When journalists come to us, they’re looking for something new that their readership haven’t seen before, so it’s the more unusual accommodation that generally stands out. We’re more than happy to help contribute to them and offer our recommendations.”

Part of the new website’s success is undoubtedly down to the more established Cool Camping brand. Founded in 2006, the company is considered one of the first to champion the (then-nascent) glamping trend and bring it into the mainstream with an innovative glamping chapter in their 2007 publications and the first ever glamping-only guidebook, Glamping Getaways, published in 2011.

“When we launched Glampingly in April this year we made no bones about the fact that it was put together by the same team behind Cool Camping,” Warner Smith continued. “We’ve managed to use our reputation for recommending the best camping and glamping sites over on and build a new high-end accommodation focus for”

“While Cool Camping continues to go from strength to strength and has increased its booking figures every single year, we’re thrilled that Glampingly is clearly already well respected by the press in its own right.”

The Glampingly collection includes:

  • Unique accommodation; from fairy-tale treehouses and converted jet planes to floating cabins and luxury horseboxes with hotel facilities
  • Close to 40 places to stay a short walk from the sea
  • Over 100 dog-friendly stays where the pooch can come along too.

All accommodation has to approved by the Glampingly team to be featured, with criteria including:

  • High quality accommodation and an outdoors experience
  • Beds provided in all accommodation
  • Bedding provided, in most cases*
  • Cooking facilities provided- no need to pack pots, pans, etc
  • En-suite or shared bathroom facilities.

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