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As we begin a new week with the incoming of a second national lockdown, we know this is scary and something we suspected would happen at some point (even though we had hoped it would never come to fruition). Whilst some of you may already be closed for the season, be furloughed, or have a to-do list as long as your arm, we can work together and prepare for the upcoming weeks, keeping your activity buzzing this month.

We have all learnt from the first lockdown that we need to stay optimistic, even though this may be hard to see at this stage. It’s so important to stay connected and engage with your customers as we return to spending more time at home.

Previously, we saw people spending lots of time and money online, searching for holidays, and frequently engaging on social media too. And, as soon as there was news of lockdown restrictions lifting – online bookings and holiday home enquires went crazy! So, even though you may feel a bit deflated and wonder if there’s any point in doing anything, it’s a key period to keep communication open with your customers.


Your customers still want to hear from you and know what you’re doing during the lockdown period. Sure, they can’t enjoy a holiday right now, but you can encourage them to get excited about 2021. Can you think of ways to reward your customers loyalty with competitions or giveaways? Or promote buying holiday vouchers for friends and family? Think about how you can add value to your product offering. Just remember, don’t go radio silent, and keep the momentum going to give people something to look forward to during this uncertain period.

Think about changing your tone of voice when it comes to your holiday home owners. Most of you know too well their past frustrations and worries, about not being able to visit their holiday homes. A rather over-the-top happy message may not go down well. Try to keep an open dialog with your owners to maintain a happy and strong relationship.

It’s now time to act and put forward plans based on shared experiences from the first lockdown. Here are some starting points for you:

Social Media

Use your social media channels for what they were designed for – being social and building relationships! People are looking to businesses they trust to provide them with not only assurances but escapism. Maintain engagement with fun conversations about past holiday memories or plans for future breaks. Ensure your customers that they will be back once again, and that you will see the positive returns. Keep your owners up to date – by using Instagram & Facebook stories whilst maintenance continues on park and on their holiday homes.

PPC & Google Ads

We have seen PPC and Google Ads have been a great asset for many parks who have continued pushing messages to searchers. Raising brand awareness is equally important – planting that seed in people’s mind to later uncover and research into more.

Email Marketing

There are fewer more cost-effective methods of marketing to the masses than via email. Emails are hugely successful, allowing you to be personal and reach an already engaged audience. Send emails worth opening and remember to have some fun! Content doesn’t always need to be sales driven; you can keep reinforcing your brand by acknowledging the situation and evoke feelings of camaraderie. After all, we’re all going through this together.

Marketing Strategy

Any kind of touchpoints your customer has with your brand, whether this be through physical, written or spoken experiences, all count towards building customer confidence in booking. It is crucial that you regularly evaluate your marketing strategy and insights according to your customers interaction to maintain a positive impact.

Pitched will continue to be open and ready for anyone needs any guidance, even if it’s just to pick our brains; please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today on 01726 418118 or drop us an email.



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