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Business is going well, you have high occupancy rates in your park, guests are happy when they are staying with you. There are great reviews on Trip Advisor. You don’t even mind that you are giving commission away to the online travel agents and partner sites (by the way – you should mind)..

You are spending some money on your digital presence. You are active on Facebook and Instagram. You even put the odd tweet up and have a new website (although few people book on it). You also spend some money on search visibility, Facebook ads and have a small pay per click budget.

But you’ve noticed one thing – people aren’t spending too much when they are on the park. They tend to buy their provisions elsewhere – what’s wrong with your shop? They seem to be eating out at local restaurants even though you have a bar and restaurant onsite. What’s worse is that they seem to be finding out and even ordering and booking offsite activities whilst using your free Wi-Fi.

What can you do?

How about focusing on your digital presence and services for guests when they are onsite and ‘in-stay’?

How about looking at providing services that will allow guests to  see and play with the range of facilities you have to offer. Even before they consider going elsewhere?

The ‘in-stay’ digital experiences for guests are a huge area of potential revenue and growth for park owners.

Look at what type of digital services you can provide;

  • Order some shopping from on site
  • Book a meal at the park restaurant
  • Book a sauna, swim or time in the indoor play area
  • Provide digital games for a rainy day – maybe a local or brand themed quiz.
  • Allow guests to report issues with their accommodation
  • Allow guests to order a take away from your restaurant

These are simple digital examples that will enhance the in-stay experience. As I’m sure you can identify – they also provide opportunities for an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.

This need not cost a fortune either. You could deliver some of these simple examples through the development of an app that users can  download. This would then link to either your existing systems or even an online spreadsheet – it needn’t be complex.

This is one example of a low cost and simple solution. It may also mean that you may feel more confident to trial and test new services to see how guests (and your revenue stream) react.

Digital is providing a huge range of opportunities for park owners, but the most significant area of growth is being overlooked;

‘In-stay’ is really the only way.


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