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CampManager will be unveiling their new system, for the first time, at the Holiday Park Innovation Show! Take a look…

CampManager, the intelligent web-based management and booking system designed for caravan parks and campsites, is set to unveil the latest version of its all-in-one platform. This will be an exciting year for CampManager at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, as CampManager 2.0 will be revealed!

Their dedicated team of developers and customer support has been working on this new release for two years, all based around their 450 clients, providing them with a roadmap of required changes.

CampManager Screen

CampManager 2.0 Key Features

    • Simple and easy for both staff and online customers.
    • Integration with Online Travel Agents, such as, airbnb and Hoseasons.
    • Bookings are optimised, reducing wasted nights.
    • Quick and easy to add discounts and voucher codes, maximising occupancy and revenue.

CampManager Booking Management

CampManager operates from a single platform, allowing staff to check availability in real-time, and take bookings and card payments from multiple locations without worry of overbooking or duplications.

CampManager Online Booking

24/7 online bookings through your website and CampManager, reducing time on telephone enquiries and allowing you to focus more on customers.

CampManager Channel Management

When bookings are made through an Online Travel Agent, CampManager will automatically import details of the booking into your system. Availability will be updated across all your other distribution channels, reducing the risk of double bookings.

CampManager Park Management

The CampManager payment management system provides you with an easy way to manage and monitor payment collection. Delivering seamless park management processes on the new CampManager 2.0 is easy; from 24/7 online bookings to updating holiday homeowner’s details, you can manage everything all in one place. Discover all the new CampManager features you need to change your life.

CampManager Screen

See the Innovative CampManager Software at the Holiday Park Innovation Show


Your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show will get you first-hand exposure to CampManager’s brand new software update. Don’t miss out on the chance to beat your competition to it, and network with CampManager for their latest services.

For more information, please get in touch with CampManager using the details below:



Phone: 020 8133 1005






Unit 4, 212-218 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 3ET, Northern Ireland.

02081 331 005

CampManager is here to make your life easier by simplifying...

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